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专题正文:for the record爱情有据可查 例如 You oughta know你应该知道 You wasn't thinking , When you let me go你让我走时,你未加思考 But whatever但是无所谓,for the record爱情有据可查 You oughta know你应该知道 You wasn't thinking , When you let me goIn 2002 Liu broke Renaldo Nehemiah's 24-year-old world junior record for the 110m hurdles. The fDo you have bright ideas? Ideas for inventions that change the world or,at least,make life easier for somebody? P__1__ we all do sometimes,but we don't often make the i__2__ a real thing. Recently,t

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据说11月份MTV给britney拍摄了90分钟的纪录片,请问哪里能观看啊Britney的百度贴吧视频区~ ① Lionel Messi, _____ the record for the most goals in a calendar year, is considered the most talented football player in Europe. A. set B. setting C. to set D. having set 选D。涉及什么语法知识?麻烦讲有这首的歌的网友发一下嘛 专集名称:E=MC2 演出歌手:Mariah Carey 发行时间:2008年04月15日 发行公司:Island / Def Jam 所属语言:英文 第12首fortherecord 谢谢有完整版的啊,= =为什么LZ没找到 如果懒得下的话就把QQ给我

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